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Co-examiners offer support — in addition to the supervisor — to the doctoral student. They issue a written report on the doctoral thesis, submit it to the Department and participate in the doctoral examination.

Procedure for the nomination and approval of co-examiners

The doctoral student nominates one or several co-examiners. The supervisor or the doctoral student hands in requests for approval of co-examiners to the doctoral administration of the Department (). Please indicate family name, first name, university with department and e-mail address of each co-examiner. The doctoral administration then submits the requests to the Director of Studies or the Department Conference for approval. After approval, the Academic Services are informed.

Co-examiners who are ETH Professors do not need to be approved. However, their assignment must be communicated to the Department.

If there is a dependence relationship between the supervisor and the first co-examiner, an additional independent co-examiner is required.

Approval required:

- Titular professors
- PDs (Privatdozenten)
- Emeriti professors (> 1 year at time of examination)
- Other internal ETH Zurich scientific personnel
- EPFL professors
- All external examiners and co-examiners

No approval required:

- Full professors ETH Zurich
- Associate and assistant professors ETH Zurich
- SNF-sponsored professors                                               

Deadlines for the nomination of co-examiners

The first co-examiner has to be approved at the latest 3 years after the beginning of the doctorate. You can see this deadline in myStudies.

Additional co-examiners may be nominated and approved by the Department Conference later on. However, you have to make sure that your co-examiners are approved by a Department Conference preceding your examination. You can find the dates of the upcoming Department Conferences in the academic calendar of the Department.

Duties of the co-examiners

The Examination Committee comprises a chairperson, the thesis supervisor as examiner and the co-examiners. The examiner and the co-examiners evaluate the written doctoral thesis; see the Information sheet of D-PHYS. (PDF, 255 KB) The written reports on the thesis have to be handed in to the doctoral administration of the Department at the latest one week before the oral examination.

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