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For many students the PhD studies are a perfect continuation of their career after the master degree. They combine original research with specialised doctorate courses and teaching activities.

Doctoral studies

It is expected that you expand your knowledge by following lectures, attending summer schools, giving talks or actively participating in conferences and workshops. Some of these activities are required to earn credit units as part of your doctoral studies. Please discuss the details with your thesis advisor and read the information about the doctoral studies to obtain a broad overview.

General information about credit points is available on the Student portal (login required). The "detailed stipulation" (PDF, 63 KB) of D-PHYS regarding doctoral studies describe how credits are computed at D-PHYS. These credits do not normally correspond to ECTS credits. At least 12 credits are required (including 4 from outside the discipline). The acquired credits are confirmed by the D-PHYS Doctoral Administration Office. Please bring along the completed form Registration for Doctoral Examination, the course attendance confirmation sheet for doctoral students and/or extracts from myStudies.


As a graduate student, you will also fulfil duties as a teaching assistant. Each semester you will teach the undergraduate students by supervising the exercises to a lecture within the curriculum of the Department of Physics. This will typically be a different lecture each semester, which will help you to expand your knowledge about physics and is therefore regarded as an integral part of your doctoral studies.

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