Doctoral Thesis

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General information about writing the thesis can be found on the relevant pages of the Doctoral Administration (Academic Services).

Thesis version for the doctoral examination

The written thesis has to be handed in upon registration for the examination at the Doctoral Administration (see section Doctoral Examination).

Thesis approval at the Department Conference

After the doctoral examination the doctoral thesis has to be approved by the Department Conference. The dates of the Department Conferences are published in the academic calendar of the Department.

If at the doctoral examination it is decided that changes to the thesis are required, these changes have to be made at the latest one week before the Department Conference.

Once the thesis has been approved by the Department Conference the title and the content may no longer be changed.

Doctoral graduation date and thesis deposit copies

The final steps of the doctoral studies are outlined on the website of the Doctoral Administration (Academic Services).

Shortly after the Department Conference the thesis will officially be confirmed by the Academic Services at the doctoral graduation date. At the same time, the doctoral student is dematriculated.

Within 6 months after this date the final deposit copies of the thesis have to be handed in to the Doctoral Administration (Academic Services).

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