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The research plan outlines the scope of the research work, tasks and further duties of the doctoral student. It is an agreement between the doctoral student and the supervisor.

General information

"Ordinance on Doctoral Studies ETH Zurich" (Art. 12):
Advancement to full candidacy for doctoral studies is granted when
a) the research plan has been approved
b) all additional admission requirements are met.

The research plan has to be handed in together with the approval form of the Academic Services (PDF, 28 KB) to the doctoral administration of the Department. Please also read the information on the website of the Doctoral Administration (Academic Services).

Basic content of research plan

The research plan includes the following information:

  • Brief description of research topics
  • Scope / goals of intended research work
  • Content of planned research and time frame
  • Results and progress to date
  • Teaching tasks (optional)
  • Further duties (optional).

The research plan has a title page including:
(the template title page (PDF, 319 KB) may be used)

  • Tentative title of thesis
  • Starting date of thesis
  • Details on the doctoral student: name, student number, institution (for external thesis)
  • Supervisor: name, title
  • Co-examiner (if already known): name, title, affiliation, e-mail
  • Date and signature of student and supervisor.

Style and format are free otherwise.


The research plan has to be submitted within twelve months of registration (Ordinance on Doctoral Studies ETH Zurich). The deadline can be seen in myStudies. A warning e-mail will be sent by doctoral office of D-PHYS.

If there is a delay in submitting your research plan you have to hand in an application form to extend the deadline. (PDF, 71 KB) This extension has to be approved by the Departmental Doctoral Committee.

Approval of the research plan

The doctoral administration submits the research plan to the Departmental Doctoral Committee for approval. The Academic Services will then be informed of the approval of the research plan. Subsequently, the doctoral student is definitely admitted to the doctoral studies (full candidacy) provided that all other admission requirements have been met.

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