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The five institutes with their more than 40 research groups are the backbone of the comprehensive research and teaching program of the department of physics.

For a short description of each institute and a list of affiliated groups, please see the list below. An alphabetical list of all group heads in the Department of Physics is given on the right.

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Institute for Astronomy (ASTRO)

Over the past ten years, the Institute for Astronomy has grown significantly and has now a major research presence in extrasolar planets and galactic astronomy, galaxies at high and low redshift, black-hole evolution, astrophysical cosmology, and fundamental cosmology of dark matter and dark energy. We contribute the astrophysics courses to the Physics Bachelor and Master programmes, and endeavour to engage the general public in broader educational activities.

Institute homepage

Research groups

Sebastiano Cantalupo
Cosmic Structure Formation

Marcella Carollo (Head of Institute)
Extragalactic astrophysics

Simon Lilly
Observational cosmology

Alexandre Refregier

Kevin Schawinski
Galaxy and black-hole astrophysics

Hans Martin Schmid
Spectroscopy of astronomical objects

Institute for Particle Physics (IPP)

We pursue an internationally recognized research programme in particle and astroparticle physics. Our experimental activities cover areas such as the high-energy and the high-intensity frontier, neutrino physics, direct searches for dark matter and gamma ray astronomy. In addition, we are strongly committed to the Department's teaching activities and to the communication of fundamental science to the general public.

Institute homepage

Research groups

Adrian Biland
Very-high-energy gamma-ray astronomy

Günther Dissertori (Head of Institute)
High Energy Physics

Christophorus Grab
Particle physics with beauty quarks

Roland Horisberger
High Energy Physics

Klaus Kirch
Precision physics at low energy

André Rubbia
Astroparticle and neutrino physics

Hans-Arno Synal
Ion-beam physics

Rainer Wallny
Particle physics at the high-energy frontier

Institute for Quantum Electronics (IQE)

Our research activities cover a broad range of topics, including quantum optics, quantum structure engineering, laser physics, ultrafast phenomena and high-field physics. The Institute for Quantum Electronics provides teaching of the physics curriculum for ETH students at all levels, including specialized lectures in quantum optics and quantum electronics for students in physics and electrical engineering.

Institute homepage

Research groups

Tilman Esslinger
Quantum optics

Jérôme Faist
Quantum optoelectronics

Rachel Grange
Optical Nanomaterials

Jonathan Home
Trapped-ion quantum information

Atac Imamoglu (Head of Institute)
Quantum photonics

Steven Johnson
Ultrafast dynamics

Ursula Keller
Ultrafast laser physics

Laboratory for Solid State Physics (LFKP)

We explore innovative research fields with the potential to discover new and potentially useful phenomena in condensed matter. This includes the design and synthesis of new materials as well as the development of advanced spectroscopic techniques. Quantum phenomena and their applications in solid-state-based quantum science and technology have a key role in the Laboratory's current research portfolio. In teaching, we strive at conveying state-of-the-art solid-state physics to students at all levels.

Institute homepage

Research groups

Gabriel Aeppli
Synchrotron radiation and nanotechnology

Christian Degen
Spin physics and imaging

Leonardo Degiorgi
Optical spectroscopy

Klaus Ensslin

Thomas Ihn

Joël F. Mesot
Dynamics of strongly correlated materials

Danilo Pescia
Microstructure research

Andreas Vaterlaus
Solid-state dynamics and education

Andreas Wallraff
Quantum devices

Werner Wegscheider
Advanced semiconductor quantum materials

Andrey Zheludev (Head of Institute)
Neutron scattering and magnetism

Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITP)

Our research activities are devoted to a broad range of topics, including mathematical, particle, condensed-matter, and computational physics as well as quantum information theory, thereby matching the key experimental fields present in the department. The Institute contributes in an essential way to the teaching activities of the Physics Department, offering the theory cycle at the Bachelor level and a broad selection of core lectures and special courses at the Master level.

Institute homepage

Research groups

Charalampos Anastasiou (Head of institute)
Particle-physics phenomenology

Niklas Beisert
Quantum field theory and strings

Gianni Blatter
Quantum condensed and coherent systems

Matthias Gaberdiel
Quantum field theory and strings

Aude Gehrmann-De Ridder
Theoretical particle physics

Vadim Geshkenbein
Quantum condensed and coherent systems

Gian Michele Graf
Mathematical physics

Sebastian Huber
Condensed-matter theory and quantum optics

Renato Renner
Quantum information theory

Thomas Schulthess
Computational material science

Manfred Sigrist
Strongly correlated electrons

Matthias Troyer
Simulational physics

Oded Zilberberg
Quantum Condensed Matter Theory

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