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With our pulsed Nd:YAG solid-state laser we can cut, weld and engrave diverse types of metals and ceramics.

(Photo: Heidi Hostettler / ETH Zurich)

Technical Specifications

CNC machine
Max. travel: X 500mm, Y 300mm, Z 250mm
One-axis pulse-controlled dividing attachment

Nd:YAG solid-state lasers (Wl: 1064 nm)
Max. pulse power at 3 ms: 14 kW
Material thickness: up to 6mm, depending on the material
Cutting width: 0.02mm to 0.2mm, depending on the material and thickness


Urs Notter

Urs Notter

ETH Zurich


Urs Notter

HPT C 107

Auguste-Piccard-Hof 1

8093 Zürich


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