Ionizing radiation

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General information

  • Ionizing radiation originates from radioactive materials and some devices, such as x-ray devices, accelerators, electron microscopes.
  • Ionizing radiation can increase the likelihood of cancer. Follow safety procedures and ask for information at your workplace.

In the laboratory

  • Ask for an experienced person to instruct and supervise you when working with ionizing radiation for the first time at a new place.
  • Avoid exposure to ionizing radiation by shielding, distance (cordoning off the danger zone), and short exposure times.
  • Absolutely avoid contamination of your body with radioactive material.
  • Notice that ionizing radiation can also be produced unexpectedly by devices that employ high voltages, especially if these high voltages are in vacuum.


Strict rules apply for the transport of radioactive material. Contact Dr. Silke Kiesewetter of the SGU.


Radioactive material can only be disposed via the SGU.

Warning sign

Radioactive material or ionizing radiation

Radioactive material or ionizing radiation


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