Inaugural Zwicky Symposium

Fritz Zwicky

The Institute for Astronomy is convening from 31 August to 4 September 2015 a symposium in honour of Fritz Zwicky, the eminent Bulgaria-born Swiss astronomer. The theme of the Symposium is "Confronting Ideas on Galactic Metamorphoses", and will feature 45 of the world's leading extragalactic astronomers and cosmologists. Read more 


A precocious black hole

Illustration: M. Helfenbein, Yale University / OPAC

Black holes can be found at the centres of most galaxies. Most have little mass compared with their host galaxy. ETH researchers, however, have discovered a particularly massive black hole, which clearly grew so quickly that the host galaxy was not able to keep pace. This calls into question previous thinking on the co-evolution of galaxies and their central black holes. Read more 


Soundproofing with quantum physics

Mechanisches Modell aus 270 Pendeln

Sebastian Huber and his colleagues show that the road from abstract theory to practical applications needn’t always be very long. Their mechanical implementation of a quantum mechanical phenomenon could soon be used for soundproofing purposes. Read more 


31 August 2015, Seminar

Fluctuating orders, quenched randomness, and vestigial nematicity in the cuprates

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31 August 2015, Seminar

Coherent combination of fiber amplified ultrashort laser pulses

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8 September 2015, Lecture

Celebrating the international year of light: How the laser has revolutioned physics over the last fifty years

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9 September 2015, Lecture

Controlling photons in a box and raising schrödinger cats of light: When thought experiments become real

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10 September 2015, Lecture

Counting and controlling photons non-destructively

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16 September 2015, Colloquium

Attraction by Repulsion: Pairing Electrons Using Electrons

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23 September 2015, Colloquium

The CLOUD Experiment at CERN: Is Climate Change Linked to Galactic Cosmic Rays?

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30 September 2015, Colloquium

On-chip Nanophotonics – The Optical Spice Rack

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7 October 2015, Colloquium

Higgs Boson – a Precision Probe into the Unknown

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14 October 2015, Colloquium

Quantum Information with Black Boxes

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