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Zurichs Phenomenology Workshop 2016

On January 6-8 approximatively 70 researchers met at the ETH Zurich Main Building to discuss Higgs physics at the Large Hadron Collider LHC. LHC is the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator at CERN. Read more 


Faster entanglement of distant quantum dots

Entanglement between distant quantum objects is an important ingredient for future information technologies. Researchers at the ETH have now developed a method with which such states can be created a thousand times faster than before. Read more 


A step towards quantum engineering

Physicists  connected two materials with unusual quantum-mechanical properties through a quantum constriction, could open up a novel path towards both a deeper understanding of physics and future electronic devices. Read more 


'Nationaler Zukunftstag' ETH Zurich

More avalable only in German Read more 


PhD students support students at ETH

PhD students are available for questions by other students about semester projects, Bachelor and Master theses: the student association VMP hosted the «Research Group Event» on the 18th of November in the main building of ETH. Read more 


24 February 2016, Colloquium

Secrets of the Universe Beyond the Higgs Boson

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2 March 2016, Colloquium

Quantum Sensing with Single Spins in Diamond

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9 March 2016, Colloquium

Quantum Control of a High-Speed Semiconductor Quantum Dot Hybrid Qubit

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16 March 2016, Colloquium

Biophysics at the Nanoscale: Single-Molecule Spectroscopy of Protein Folding and Dynamics

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23 March 2016, Colloquium

Attosecond Ionization Time Delays

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6 April 2016, Colloquium

The Search for Gravitational Waves with Advanced LIGO

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13 April 2016, Colloquium

Exploring Classical Coherence with Nanomechanical Systems

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20 April 2016, Colloquium

Scanning SQUID-on-Tip Nanoscale Magnetometry and Thermometry

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27 April 2016, Colloquium

Driving Atomic-Scale Structure Changes with Ultrashort Pulses of Light

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11 May 2016, Colloquium

Using the Tools of Nanotechnology for Biophysics at the Single-Molecule and Single-Cell Scale

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