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"The Exoplanet and the search for life"

ETH astrophysicist Kevin Schawinski speaks on Swiss Radio SRF about exoplanets and the search for biology outside our solar system. Read more 


Towards the world's best ice screw

At the vocational training centre in Dietikon, twelve polymechanics apprentices in their third year — including three from the ETH Department of Physics and one from the Department of Earth Sciences — work on an ambitious project: to construct the world's best ice screw. Read more 


A lifelong fascination with planets

Watching Star Trek as a child first inspired Judit Szulágyi’s fascination with planets and galaxies. Today Forbes ranks the astrophysicist among Europe’s 30 most influential scientists under the age of 30. Watch as she explains how she uses computer simulations to research the birth of giant planets – and how she decided on this career path in the first place. Read more 


Stronger together

In a collaboration of three groups at the Department of Physics, a device has been created that strongly couples quantum states of light and matter. This hybrid system opens up novel routes to combining the advantages of different quantum platforms — and to a host of possible applications. Read more 


2017 MERAC Prize to Kevin Schawinski

The 2017 MERAC Prize of the European Astronomical Society for the Best Early Career Researcher in Observational Astrophysics goes to ETH astrophysicist Kevin Schawinski. Read more 


Exploring parallel worlds

In physics, scientists encounter not only fundamental, but often also philosophical problems. To study questions of the latter category, ETH physicist Jens Jäger completes a Master's degree in Philosophy of Physics at the University of Oxford. Owing to an Annual Scholarship from the Swiss Study Foundation, he can focus fully on the one-year course. Read more 


Two BRIDGE grants for young ETH physicists

The first BRIDGE Proof of Concept call of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) attracted 101 proposals, submitted by young researchers from across Switzerland. Eleven ideas have now been funded, including the two projects of ETH physicists Mariia Timofeeva and Florian Emaury. Read more 


Experiencing modern research

20 high-school students with a passion for physics had a chance to experience modern research in two large laboratory complexes of the Department of Physics. In the Laboratory for Solid State Physics, they visted the Advanced Semiconductor Quantum Materials group, and in the Institute for Particle Physics the Laboratory of Ion Beam Physics. Read more 


Spark Award for fundamental research

ETH Professor Sabine Werner and her team won the Spark Award 2017 yesterday for their groundbreaking new approach to combating viral diseases. If their results can be confirmed, they could lead to the development of better treatments for viral diseases such as herpes. Read more 


ERC Advanced Grant to Tilman Esslinger

ETH researchers have received eight of the coveted Advanced Grants in the European Research Council's (ERC) latest call for proposals, among them physicist Tilman Esslinger, who has been awarded such a grant already for the second time. Read more 

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