Ursula Keller receives Weizmann Women & Science Award

Ursula Keller, Professor at the Institute for Quantum Electronics, received today one of the two 2017 Weizmann Women & Science Awards "for pioneering and seminal contributions to ultrafast lasers technology and important breakthroughs in attosecond science". Read more 


"Science ex machina"

In its June issue, the Horizons magazine of the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) takes a look at the automation of research, and reports on several examples where ETH physicists use Artificial Intelligence. Read more 


Gender bias in astronomy quantified

Numerous studies and anecdotal accounts support the notion that scientific work performed by women is treated differently from that of their male peers. Seeking to quantify such gender bias, three ETH PhD students have performed a systematic study of more than 200,000 astronomy publications. The result is unequivocal: papers with female lead authors received on average some 10% fewer citations than similar papers with male lead authors. Read more 


"Bright future for Quantum Computing"

The latest episode of the Discovery programme on the BBC World Service is dedicated to quantum computation. BBC journalist Roland Pease met some of the experts, including ETH physicist Jonathan Home, and explored the technology behind the "next information revolution". Read more 


"The Exoplanet and the search for life"

ETH astrophysicist Kevin Schawinski speaks on Swiss Radio SRF about exoplanets and the search for biology outside our solar system. Read more 

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