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The Department of Physics at ETH Zurich welcomes applications for SNSF Professorships and ERC grants (Starting and Consolidator).

Interested candidates should first consult the regulations of the funding agencies and, second, contact a potential mentor (that is, an elected professor) within the institutes of the department well ahead of time (at least two months prior the official deadlines set by the funding agencies).

Once the prospective candidate has identified a potential mentor, he or she will be first interviewed by the host institute. The mentor will provide relevant additional information and will organize the interview at the institute level. 

As soon as the host institute has decided to support the candidate, he or she will be interviewed by the faculty of the department during a dedicated meeting. The interview includes a 30-minute scientific presentation, which should be addressed to a broad audience and in which both the achievements accomplished and the proposed future scientific activities should be explained. The talk will be followed by a 30-minute discussion on various aspects of the proposed activity, but also about career perspectives of the candidate.

Two weeks prior to the interview by the department faculty the candidate must submit to Prof. Dr. L. Degiorgi () the following documents as pdf files:

1) CV and publication list;

2) scientific proposal as it will be submitted to the funding agency (SNSF or ERC).

Dates for the interview and deadlines for submission of the documents will appear on this page in due time.

Please consult this webpage regularly.

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